Sooo this is my entry for Audiotool Day

This is a preview of an album I've been working on behind the scenes for quite some time. I'm not sure if I'm quite done with this one (Still deciding whether or not percussion would sound good with this or not). I probably have LOTS of mixing to do but it's hard with as many layers I added and having a laggy computer (I should upgrade at this point). Release date for the rest of the album is TBD because I'm a busy person to say the least but I wanted to get at least something out there for you guys since I've only published a few tracks since AT Day 2016 and never bothered finishing any drafts I've started.

Also artwork credits to Elyse Miyake. Follow her on instagram and see her other amazing pieces @masayoarts

Seriously, go follow her now!

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  • bass 2 crunchy here. I need to go back and fix this lmao

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  • reminds me of pokemon mystery dungeon, one specifically from the ds, can't remember what part or game though. great track, love the lead


    • omg I think I know what you're talking about

  • this legit made me tear up cause it gave me so many nostalgic vibes- like, just me back in early high school, before covid, before all of this poop. it really makes me feel younger despite im just turning into an adult lol

    heck you almate for this wonderful track

    listening to it slowed down made it even more emotional what

    • Always cherish the feeling of being young. I appreciate your feedback <3

    • stop it why are your sounds so game worthy


  • Str8 showin off ur synthwork skills ayyy

    • I have so much more synthwork I wanna show off. It's just a matter of how much my computer can handle :((( lmao

  • Beauti

  • Ear candy.

  • im such a fucker for missing this

    • Hey at least you listened <3

  • im shook

  • Aye, this shit dope af.

  • niiiiice !!!!