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  • really nice remix

  • Together with the original the best what I´ve heard on this platform so far!

  • this is purely amazing. great job guys.

  • YEEEEEEES. So good, could imagine this on UKF

    • that was actually the exact vibe I was going for

  • who knew wubs and dnb sounded so good


    • thanks for the compliment but also literally everyone knew that

  • can we make feat with you

  • What the fuck is that one heisenberg that has 3 stereodetunes, 3 gravities, and 3 curves LOL

    • Oh no, that actually makes sense, sorry lol

    • Oh that was the original screech bass in the original

      I probs overdid the sound design on that one LMAO

    • I was saying that because I've never seen anyone but a few others do that. I was just surprised lol @1trillionMPH @Zerod

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  • dang how long did it take to make this? this is impressive!

  • Preferring this to the original version, I like the Syntax-ification. Sticking with the DNB core. It's not too reliant on the Vocal. Good use of tools.

  • how do you make a song?

  • This is heavenly. The bass gliss tho. Also the swaggiest drum and bass I've ever heard.

  • hi

  • Yo this is an insane remix dude!!! This blew me away! Fantastic Job

  • chiga chiga bong bong papapapapa

  • Ngl i could prob make the drums way bigger lmao

    • toms get a bit more love in the frequency boosts/cuts and then things like transitionary sweeps, crashes, rides, and orchestral hits all get their own specific adjustments as well

    • yeah what do we mean bigger here, draft size? you probably could because most of the mixing I do for drums is normalizing a kick and tuning everything on the machinist itself, along with some envelope slope/end adjustments, the curves are mostly there to remove everything under 20hz as I'm hyper anal about that

    • In fact Syntax could make the drums smaller, and it'd just sound as good. It's just about how you compress your drums, adjusting the volume and sidechain

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