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Stormdrain, 100 Remix Comp.


Thanks you guys for bringing me across this small, insignificant milestone. Even though I'm hella small I'm still grateful and that's what matters.



1. Must use at least 1 of the melodies in some way - The bass and the chords may be modified or left out if you wish, but ups to you if you decide to use them. lol

2. No collabs - This is going to be everyone for themselves.

3. 1 minute or longer - You won't be disqualified but it reflects a lack of effort if you can't even get 1 minute in.

4. You can change the key and tempo

5. Any genre welcome


The key points I'll be judging on are simple:

-Mixing & mastering, and good mechanics

-Good, clean sound design

-Clear and obvious effort



1st: $10 upfront or passive payments through patreon. Collabs. Likes & follow.

2nd: $1 upfront. Collabs. Likes & follow.

3rd: I'll post and E on your wall and congratulate you. Likes & Follow.

I'll post honorable mentions as well, and I'll drop some likes for those who place there.


Trap, hybrid, dubstep, drumstep, lo-fi, riddim, tearout, reggae, dnb, future bass, deathstep, house, techno, downtempo, chiptune, harcore... I could just keep going on but my point is I have no bias, I like everything, Seriously, you can't throw any genre at me that I won't like.


Deadline: (Originally May 5th) Extended to May 19th.


Now that I've profusely drilled that into the center of the earth, good luck and have some fun.

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