main bass: sine by sine

secondary bass: twin sine

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  • Mix sucks ass, highs hurt my head, so does the bass, it's overly compressed too, the drop is okay but is really repetitive with the one bass and is SUPER POORLY MIXED, Epipen please fix this, I know you can

    • he's right sharpie don't go starting stuff.

    • Can you leave me alone please?

      You're not helping by saying things like this

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  • Hmm... this may very well be one of my favorite tracks on AT. Epsi is deffo one of the best dubstep prods on the entire site. lol

    • woah there

    • i just felt the same satisfaction as a man that has just released his sperm on a timid female individual

  • whatever im done

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    checkpoint 6

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    checkpoint 5

  • this does not make me feel good

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    checkpoint 4

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    checkpoint 3

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    checkpoint 2

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  • this mf is smiling

  • 0:58 did you use the vocals for this? Maybe I’m deaf or dumb but if so, that’s a really cool idea

    • it was a sub, then it was a yoy, then it was a wonk, then it was that. if you can run the draft which i cant, check it out for yourself

    • however i've done things to that sine wave

    • Oh okay, so I’m just slow then lol, it’s nice regardless

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  • Okay, this is super cool... like... this actually fantastic...

    What even are your snapshots tho, jeebus.

    • well i have bad performance so any more and my computer would've exploded

    • WHAT!?


      Okay you're actually crazy I think you need help there is nothing minimalistic about that snapshot like what are you even talking about.

    • i did what i had to do. im on a school laptop i have to be minimalistic

  • didnt the charts already update

  • this is wonky mate, you've got a specific sound and I like it