Had to publish this before the year ended.

Music has always been a big part of my life ever since I was little kid. When I think of my childhood I always remember my summer vacations at the beach, and how music was always a big part of my family. Listening to my parents old tapes and records will be ingrained in my memory forever. In this track, I tried to incorporate my favorite genres(ambient, classics, and rnb). I realize mixing and mastering are a big part of how the tracks are graded and ranked, but I mainly focused on my emotions in each part, and how they reflected a different point in my life. Lastly I want to thank Audiotool and community for this opportunity to be able to use the DAW. Being free, Audiotool opens up so many opportunities to people who cannot afford DAWS like Ableton, FL studio or whatever else. I also appreciate everything the community has given me in feedback, criticism, and love. Music has gotten me through the tough times, and has given me life when everything feels like it is falling apart. I wish everyone in the competition good luck, and I will make sure to listen to everyone's tracks in the near future. Again, I thank Audiotool and it's team, and you guys will always have a spot in my heart.

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