-Alko This was amazing Cero got the melodies just right. Couldn't have asked for a better Future bass collab. Thanks so much Cero, and Don't forget to make sure that it's not the FBI before you open your door.

Cero- xD ngl this was a fuuuun fun collab for me. alko did his part i did mine... we both had fun we both tried our best... i loved this collab it was a learning experience for me and prob alko as well. alko thanks for this xD

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  • Alko wanna vip this. Mixxed awfully xD

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  • awsome Alko I thought you can't make good music but I was so wrooooooooooooooong

    • I didn't know anything about you and the last time I checked it was before ceroXin made an account

    • Time to edit this

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  • DAMN not even on charts no more xDDDD

  • it sounds better without headphones

  • DAMN #6?!?!?!??!

  • TF DID ALL THIS ClIPPING COME FROM... alko the heck did you do XDD

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  • I really like this!

  • dang this blooming as well ;-; will my profile get charted 2 times in a row xD

  • Barely one second into it and I already love it :D

    Great chords and melody

  • i seemed to gained nothing from this xD welp it was fun anyways, can't get to0 greedy

    same with vulk x sunder. vulk had more followers. sunders gain less from the collab even tho he basically made the main part of the song my favorite part is 2:57 ngl

  • thats pretty cool

  • oml for the love of god please sidechain this. It's good, I just can't hear the fucking percussion. lmao

  • xD ngl the second drop is lit to me

    Quick meme... 3. 2. 1. igni- FBI OPEN UP