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  • Hey you might already know us, but if not, my music partners and I have made great progress lately and we'd love for you to check us out! (Zir0h, GREK, SYNRGY). if you know us then please give our pages another visit :)

    If you liked our track Convergence, be sure to check out our latest release called Coalescence!!

    Thanks for listening! and stay classy ;D

  • how do you feel about spamming links? I get a lot of complaints about it when I do it, and I understand why, because you should want people to like you enough that they visit your page enough that they find your music on their own, but as an amateur artist, of course nobody is going to know who you are, and if they find you, it's usually by accident or through another artist. I believe that link spamming is a good way to increase awareness of yourself. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Hi, I just came back from a hiatus!! I don't usually like spamming, but I'm afraid my fans have forgotten me. Will you please give me newest track a listen? It's nothing crazy amazing, but I'd really like some feedback. Thanks! :)

    Peace and Future, by JFK

  • Hush, when you need help

    Shout, if you can't tell

    Lose to Find Yourself 


    Somethings are hard to get. But not my new track. Give it a try, when you have the time. <3 Thanks!

  • That's some good sh*t, dude!

  • thanx for the follow :)

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