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I am a halfblooded junglist, I manipulate funk samples and make dirty basslines
@Blind Hyena speedcore that will get you high (on degeneracy)
@Zatsyko FL master race hardcore
@withdecay master of the retro chill (aunt also owns one of my favorite record shops)
@14etan Not your average hip hop beats
@Aringrey Hardcore through a bitcrusher
@DaanVester hardcore with a hint of shitpost
Other Children of the hardcore:
@Audiotool Hardcore the one stop place for everything hardcore
@gabbo the real freakin' limey
@FEDZ cold and elusive gabber
@Sacred Prime one of the best breakcore artists on Audiotool
wonderful leeches
@MC Diggy Drugz still has yet to sell his soul to degeneracy
@Lil buTT rAEp™✪ (RIP AT) the red lizard desended into shitposting
@PoopieDoodles probably the most composed shitposter out of all of these guys
@Renz The shitposter's shitposting account
WALL SPAM POLICY: If I do not know you and you want me to look at one of your tracks, you must first comment your honest opinion (in the form of a complete sentence) on at least one of my tracks as compensation. If this does not happen first then I will not look at your track. this policy also applies to me checking out artists, albums, etc.

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