Cover of album Stay With You by Gravidon
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GravidonStay With You

  • dnb
  • dubstep
  • melodic
  • story
  • album
  • suns
  • orchestral
  • gravidon
  • kryptic
  • glitch-hop
  • Natasha
  • zerod
  • Aiden
Total playing time: 1:07:01


"Two Mysterious Children with Strange Abilities are trapped in a world of Dreams and Prophecies. The Journey for their Freedom, Family, Future, and Origin has begun..."

This is easily the biggest project I've ever work on here on Audiotool. Ever since I started on this site, I've tried to incorporate a hidden, underlying story within all of my songs. This Album brings that story to the surface in the first part of a Trilogy that will show how every track is connected. This is only the beginning. An enormous thanks goes out to all who helped contribute to this album in anyway. I sincerely hope you enjoy! ^-^

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Natasha, Aiden, and Raphael will return and search for the truth behind their powers in..."MONOLITH EP". (February 2016)

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    about 3 years ago

    Forgot to fav

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    about 3 years ago

    Im absolutely in love with this album. i hear all the emotions that you have pick from you heart and made this into incredible space music.

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    about 3 years ago

    I do have something special planned before the end of the year. If you'be been following me for a while, you're REALLY gonna like it ;)