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Featured Artist: ApoC

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ApoC is a clear example of how, besides talent, discipline and hard work are also part of growing up as an artist. If we remember his first steps on Audiotool, we can see how far he has come in the years. He has grown both as a musician and a person on Audiotool. And we are pleased to have been able to accompany this process.

Stay tuned, ApoC.


About ApoC

I'm from the U.S., I've been using Audiotool since 2016. I love watching WWE, my favorite wrestlers are John Cena and Randy Orton. My favorite styles of music are Progressive House, Trance and Future House. But to be more specific, I like to branch out to people who make such amazing melodies and lush chords on their tracks.

Describe the style of music you produce

I produce a wide range of music genres including Progressive House, Trap, and Ambient.

What is your musical background and when did you start making music?

My musical background is inspired by a lot of people in the music industry who I look up to. Even ones that I do not listen to on a day-to-day basis. I'd say my biggest inspirations are Hardwell, Martin Garrix and Tiesto because they've been making banger tracks for music festivals and also for their fans to enjoy. I started making music when I actually started listening to Hip Hop music. When I would hear people like Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Eminem on the radio. On Audiotool however, I came across the website when I searched for "free online daw" and I was quite surprised to stumble upon this website. I never wanted to leave, I always thought my chances of actually collabing with people were very big because I honestly find everyone's particular sound so unique and amazing.

What is your favorite Audiotool device and why?

My favorite Audiotool device is the Quasar reverb because the sound by itself is massive, and makes you really relate to your own emotions on a personal level.

What is your favourite trick in AT/What technique do you always use?

My favorite technique is to layer my sounds together. So I like to include the Pulv, Heisenberg and Space in almost all of my tracks. And packing them with a bunch of effects to make the sounds stand out. It's amazing how very little time it can take me to make a chord structure sound really emotional.

Have you ever had a writer's block? If so, how did you deal with it and what do you recommend to your colleagues?

I've had writer's block quite a lot. But whenever I do, I like to browse through the tracks section of audiotool in which I select the most recent and I listen to those. I've come across some really cool songs to be honest doing it that way rather than just typing it all out with the search function on the website.

What do you like most about Audiotool? Is there anything you would like to suggest?

The amount of people critiquing songs and being brutally honest. Instead of people calling your particular song garbage, when it can be very special to you in all ways , positively or negatively. You can do so much on Audiotool, and I believe you can take it to the next level if you put your best efforts into making something you enjoy and love.

What do you like most about Audiotool? Is there anything you would like to suggest?

I like the vast amount of songs that pop up in my feed, or whenever people mention (@) me. I think everyone deserves a chance to shine. And even the smartest people are meant to fail. But failure is the only start to success.

Your message to the community:

Remain positive no matter what. Don't bring people down, always treat them with respect. If you don't, then you should ignore them and move past it.

Edition Audiotool: ApoC

Track #1:

Forlorn by Waveshaper and Arcade [editor's note: ;-)]

It gets me emotional every single time I hear it. And it helps me improve myself.

[[EMBED:https://www.audiotool.com/track/4x8lg0ev/ ]]

Track #2:

Falling Into Place by aeris

Another song that has a beautiful lush melodic structure to it. Reminds me a lot of acloudyskye.


Track #3:

rai. x dove x acloudyskye by rai. , acloudyskye and dove

This right here is a dream collab that I never would've expected. It's very underrated in my opinion.


Track #4:

La La by Tocka and Avalone.

I love Tocka's particular sound on this, he always delivers. And I originally was apart of this collab, and I actually watched both of these individuals produce it on a stream. But sadly I couldn't work on it because the draft was really heavy. And I believe back then it was Flash.


Track #5:

its ok. by ford.

ford is a big inspiration to me, and I love how interesting the percussion sounds along with the vocal samples. I miss hearing his music on Audiotool.


Track #6:

Ambition by ApoC

I listen to this song a lot that I personally created. And it really stands out from my other songs because of how emotional it sounds. I did do it myself and I'm still amazed at the results to be honest.


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  • talk ya shi my guy

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  • yes!!!! nobody pours himself into selflessly and shamelessly critiquing people's tracks more than this man right here. it's about time we recognize the wholesome and supportive kings of this broken world. <3


  • Thank you to everyone who praised me. I cannot wait for you guys the new music I have in the studio rn. It's fresh.

  • apoc les gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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    • i'm down whenever bro :)

    • Coming from someone that always has been a big inspiration in my music career, I think we can make a festival edm banger someday together!

  • I wanna add something, so ever since I began my career on Audiotool, I was the most inspired by people that actually interacted with me on a daily to daily basis, rather it be just on Audiotool or on other platforms, or both in general. Those who have talked to me for forever really help me go through my life challenges.


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