So here's this short, happy track. It's pretty messy, and kind of a fail, but it was really fun to work on and I liked it a lot. :)


I've tried king dubstep before and it was pretty bad. This isn't much better, but I thought I'd share it with you guys anyways. My comp was lagging really badly and it so was really hard to mix because of that, so apologies for the poorly done mixing.


Here's the dubstep part: 1:42


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  • Why does the lead melody kind of sound like that one "Moscow" song? Anyways, nice work!

  • dubstep part is great

  • love the melodic changes at 1:04

  • nice intro, very fun

  • fuck I love this track. keep working on those growls haha

  • i get Geometry dash and terraria vibes from this for some odd reason. for that reason alone this is now my 2nd favorite song on audiotool.

    • hey man it works. pretty good stuff here. I still cant stop listening :)

    • It's so badly mixed howww. xD

      I mean I'm really glad but still...

  • I love this!!!!

  • Really cool! I always love a good 8 bit vibe and this also makes me want to dance haha. I also do like the dubstep part. Hope you can get a better comp in the future so you can fill your songs more :3

    May I remix this with my music partners?

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  • Ye hoo

    12T compaaaaassseeedd!

    I luv this demarcation

    Really good work!

  • u are improving

  • still very cool nonetheless