Cover of track Blur by Vexta
  • about 10 months ago
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Vexta, Blur


I spent like all day making this and it's still kinda short ngl. The name doesn't suit the mood of the song. I'm bad at names. lol

Thanks for the loads of feedback! It really helped!

So I figured out how to use some of the tools. I can't figure out how to use some of the other ones tho.

I like the pulvasature (Or however you spell that), it's really fun to use.

Also I don't know which I like better. Major key or minor key. I like minor key a lot rn for some reason.

I used a lot less presets.

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    about 8 months ago

    imma remix this one too xD

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    about 10 months ago

    man if only i got this amuont of recognition when i first started. this is a really big imporvement since the last song that i listened to though, props to you.

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    Oversaturate Audio

    about 10 months ago


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    about 10 months ago

    Mm yes v noice