When I first heard this I was so impacted by the lyrics and the vocals that I had to give it a shot. After not having touched Audiotool for over 3 months to handle some of my personal life issues, I feel like this song is a pretty good way for me to return (just this once). As you all know, this is also part of my school homework so this will probably be the only track you guys will get for now. I may or may not return in the future, depending on how the community evolves and how confident I am in being able to juggle family, school, work and Audiotool. But I hope this track means as much to you as it does to me. Thanks poet for this lovely concept, I'll be sure to watch the Instagram livestream when it happens ;).


If you'd like to take a look inside and see how I made the track, or even remix this remix, I have labeled everything (including the effects) and arranged them in the most tidy way I could. So feel free to take a peek and tinker.


I'm most likely still adding my own vocals to this, but I just needed to get a full Mp3 of it so far for school so that's the main reason I'm pubbing early.

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