I guess AT needed some good house music after a long time, so i asked Vulkron to help me out. Does that mean i am back as well? Enjoy the track!

- Sub

<<<<( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>>>>

Idk Sub, Does it mean you're back? (° ~ʖ~ °)

Lmao fr tho thanks sub for hittin me up to get me to produce this stuff again. I think this one turned out real nice this time around :D

Aright y'all, enjoy this one :D I think we both put a pretty good amount of effort this time ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

- Vulkron

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  • holy shit tho this is a year old already?

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  • I just made my first track on here this is so good

  • Steve Harvey admires this creation

  • Could've sworn I faved this like two times b4

    probs why I don't have it faved lmfao

  • Refav

  • I just love ur music!!

  • Always good bop

    • I just can't get over the sound design, so good!

  • i forgot how good this is

  • This deserves far more attention than it recieved.

    It's been what, a year since I last listened to this? and the melody is still stuck in my head to this day. holy shit man

  • suprised sub didn't self proclaim this as "another masterpiece" LOL

    all in all tho fucken great track bois u knocked it out of the park :)

    • coming back to this, whew i may have taken a bit too far siting all of those examples haha, this is a fucken masterpiece tho, if any of y'alls collabs deserved the title i would say this is it.

    • All cool bro, ty for those kind words ly <3

    • lmao ly too, this song is fucken dope btw, all of ur stuff is great, and i respect you as an artist, ill leave it at that bc i dont wanna fight no more ;(

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  • Can't believe im only finding this just now! Absolute sauce!

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  • oh shit its on youtube, holy fuck

  • jesus