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Also, if you haven't guessed, @joVee made the pfp.
Some quotes from people:
"A homeless person is not a top-notch level predator" - Some random teacher
"Give me your glue gun or give me your soul" - Virus
"I'm not saying that we should defund healthcare! I said that if there was a law where we could divert all healthcare funding into giving every family in America an M1-A1 Abrams, I WOULD VOTE FOR IT!" - Me
"Oh, sorry Virus, I almost killed you with that Exacto-Knife" - Zero
"To understand this, imagine a bunch of Williamsburg hipsters fell into a ball pit up to their moustaches and had to use them to capture falling kale chip crumbs and hot dogs. That is how the Christmas Tree Worm do.” - Virus (seriously mate, what the fuck)
"REINFORCING SEAGULL!" - Me to the entire city at 10 PM
"Oh, let me see that smooth sexy face of yours" - Virus to Me while his gf is in the call
"Bout to show that sandbox what the fuck is up" - Me
"If you had told me that high school would've been the longest four years of my life, I would have laughed in your face. If you also told me that I'd have to endure four years of mock racism and class warfare, I would have laughed in your face, but from a very safe distance because you are obviously a very dangerous and unstable person." - Virus
"Oh yeah, sorry Ms. [REDACTED], my dog ate my calculator, but then my calculator ate my dog from the inside out. I consider it a fair trade, but we still have to bury him." - Me
"Impeachment is just Vote-To-Kick" - Me
"Things would be mad different if JFK used Painkiller or Juggernaut from World At War" - Me
"Anytime that I play Crucible and it's a Titan versus any other class, it's like witnessing a Teletubby going up against a top-tier predator with a shotgun and an M4, but when it's a Titan going up against another Titan, it's like watching a live reenactment of the French Revolution." - Me
"When do you think that the UN will announce that prop-blocking is a war crime?" - Virus

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