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Welcome to the realm of sound, a place where noise is converted into sound, and sound is converted into music. Here at Audiotool, we hope that we can combine different genres of music into a form of both chaos and beauty. Welcome to Project W4V.SPL1TR.
Virus Machine is (USUALLY) a permanent partner when it comes to making legitimate tracks. I'll screw around with some new test tracks every once in a while. New collabs are always welcome, just be open-minded to me being a complete idiot when it comes to making music.
Also, if you haven't guessed, @joVee stays violent made the pfp.
Some quotes from school:
"A homeless person is not a top-notch level predator" - Some random teacher
"Give me your glue gun or give me your soul." - Virus
"I'm not saying that we should defund healthcare! If there was a law where we could divert all healthcare funding into giving every family in America an M1-A1 Abrams, I WOULD VOTE FOR IT!" - Me
"Oh, sorry Virus, I almost killed you with that Exacto-Knife" - Zero

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