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Swedish composer, musician and Audiotool lover living in Malmö. I play the piano, the violin and the theremin.


In 2010, I was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrom (MDS), which is an illness quite similar to, but not as severe as, leukemia. It was during that period I discovered Audiotool, and most of the time when I was in quarantine due to my incapable immune system (yes, I was doing social distancing before it became cool) I spent my time exploring the possibilities of Audiotool, and that probably contributed to canalizing my interest in composition, which has led me to where I am now, namely working as a professional freelancing composer, arranger and musician.


Hope you enjoy!


Updated 2023-08-16

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  • this guy can single handedly go head to head with the entire nintendo music department and win

  • Frigolito my idol

  • Thank you for the follow and the likes. You are a legend. Feels unbelievable.

    • You're welcome! Nice to discover some new talents after a long absence. :)

  • love your music

    • Thanks! Glad to know that I have brightened someone’s life somewhere. And thanks for all your favorites! :)

  • Yo Frigo!

    i love ur tracks.. Damn those are gems

    • And even if I wouldn't like what I heard, I will try not to be mean and hopefully come up with something constructive to say that could help you.

    • @peacenature (Alt) No, that's not what I am saying. I'm just saying that it basically looks like you're asking me to praise your music whether I like it or not, which IMO would be quite pointless. I wouldn't mind checking out your music, but if you want my opinion on it, I'd rather give you my honest opinion than mindlessly give you compliments that might or might not reflect what I really think just because you wish that I like it.

      The question is: do you want my opinion or not?

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  • Thank you for the favs and the follow :~)

    • You're welcome! Stumbled upon your music by chance and became intrigued! ;)

  • Thanks Frigo, now adays Iam fine with the name, the comment was after fristtime publishing 8 years ago. Sometimes to find a name is harder then making a track.

    Have a good day

    • I also think the original name works perfectly fine. It's kind of cute in a way to imagine someone composing something for their fruits. :) I was just brainstorming on the theme of rottenness, and "Antioxidants" came to mind considering it's obvious connection to most fruits and vegetables and its significant role in keeping food fresh or "un-rotten". :P

  • How to make singing synths?

    • 1. Put a harmonic waveform (vocal cords) and an inharmonic waveform (fricative phenomenon) produced in any way preferred through highly resonant filters (vocal cavity) working in parallel.

      2. Automate the filters' cutoff frequencies and resonances and the amplitudes of the waveforms to create the desired phonems.

    • The art of producing vocals while limited to only using Audiotool devices and no samples is a topic that can't be thoroughly explained in a comment limited to 500 characters. However, here follows a very generalized summarization of this extremely niche artform:

  • You are




    • Thanks for your compliment! You're too kind! :)

  • I just wanted to say that I love your vocal experiments with synth vocals, and Fuck you



  • the OG returns