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Nothing of value comes without effort...
I don't seek fame, I simply want to get better at what I like.
Best work to date: Valkyrie
Best of Nirimi 2018
Hi there, I'm Rin, I produce music as a hobby of mine. I have a bit of experience when it comes to music, but I do have an ever growing passion for it.
I started getting involved with making music when I was 11, when I started high school, and picked up a bass guitar for the first time. I've been playing it ever since, A year later I found Audiotool, with its humble but amazing community, and thought to myself: "I'm gonna produce music here too..."
So thats what I did...
And the result of that impulsive thought can still be heard on my page today, I feel like I've improved a lot over those years, and I hope you hear it too...
Hope y'all enjoy
Collabs preferably only on AT :)
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