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I am a sad strange little man
  • techno
  • electronic
  • acid
  • ambient
  • etc.
I am a sad strange little man

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    Zir0h about 1 month ago

    hey, are you online rn? I need someone's help on a track right away but I dont want to have to publish it. If you're online, please message me on my wall and perhaps we can set something up. If you are not online, and you find this message more than 2 hours from now, I will not be online and you can delete this from your wall, or leave me a schedule of when you're typically online. Thanks for your help and thanks for listening! :)

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    Nechurot about 1 month ago

    nice music

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    Dark Matter about 3 months ago

    are you back somewhat? lol I'll catch up on your tracks now :)

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    VII 초 about 4 months ago