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My debut album, Bubblee is out now! This album is dedicated to all the precious people that I've lost in my 16-year journey through life, and the memories that we forged during our time together. Some background of my life; this account isn't actually mine. It belonged to my late GF, Danielle, who died of leukemia last December. Her death really broke my heart, and I was feeling very down for a while. Until I found that she had written 2 unfinished songs (Valentine and 1&O) for me, and dreamed of sharing her music and her love for me to the world. That's what gave me the inspiration and the drive to start making music and live on her memory. Songs like "Falling" and "cozy" talk about the feelings I were experiencing when my best friends around me started committing suicide, which was a really dark time for me. I didn't know if I had the strength to go on. But again, my family, friends and music really saved me from walking down a dark path. Thank you to all my online friends and fellow producers for being with me through such tough times, and thank you to all the people that agreed to collaborate with me on this album! This album wouldn't be possible without you all. My goal for this album was to live on Danielle's dream, and I hope I've achieved that :).

A big thank you to my sister, @Brooklyn04 who made all of the cover art for the album and helped with the songwriting! love you ;)


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  • 100 faves babyyy lets goo

  • Also, 3 more to 100 favs!

  • Yo how long is this gonna stay in the charts? I lowkey thought it left the charts already lmfao

  • 69 favs lets go

    1 more
  • Sounds like Justin Beiber

    • Lmao idk if thats a compliment or not hahahaha but thanks ig

  • damn this is gonna surpass deviate in favs

  • Yo it hit number 1, thank you guys so much, you have no idea what this album means for me

  • bubblee? or bubble?

  • geez i didn't know the story behind valentine. I'm glad i could help you with that track man, hopefully it honors her well

    • Thanks man! It was truly an honour hahahah

  • Oh wow, my greatest condolences to you man. I'm glad you're bring both your and Danielle's dreams to reality with such great quality. Power and love to ya!

  • my favorite has to be abandoned

    this is really sweet all around tho, gr8 jorb

  • My favourite in the album must be gaze, although it's not the best in vocals lmao, its my favourite in terms of how i imagine it. But the one that i had most fun working with was abandoned. Lmao

  • damn that description hits hard, all of the songs make sense now, keep making music man , the world need stuff like this

    • true!

    • I think cozy is the best song in the album, but i think Lost in the Ocean has the fullest vocals

    • thanks so much for those words SYNRGY! you have no idea what they mean to me

  • I really left a lot of tears at my desk when I read the meaning of this album, I was also a little surprised that this account belonged to your GF before.

    I hope now she knows it :)

    • thanks man! I hope she does too :)

  • aight i almost cried tho im not done listening tho,

    This is so well placed... only reason why i almost cried cause the desc of this and the songs fit so well

    • ye its hard to make me cry despite how happy and cheerfull i act online.

      And this, the intention of this album and all the asset to it, just added up and just pounded me hard

    • thanks man! if you notice, the album is titled as such to give the listener a feel that it's a happy album. In fact, the first 4 songs are pretty upbeat and cheesy. But it gets more depressing as the album goes, from remembering my memories with them to coming to the realization that they are actually gone already. But it all comes to a resonating conclusion with gaze, which talks about moving on and living on my lost ones' dreams. glad you liked the album, means a lot to me!