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Upcoming EP! --> Disappear EP (WIP)
I really don't know what I'm doing anymore.
Newcomer? Check this --> Who is Velocistar?
These peeps give me life on here:
@Head Trauma Romance
Projects in the works:
Frigid Blast - EP (WIP)
Adventure of a Lifetime (Part Two)
Disappear EP (WIP)
????????? ?? ? ???????? (??????)
???????? LP
Join me for live streams ---> (link is only visible to registered users) OR (link is only visible to registered users)
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I have zero tolerance for spam. I will delete all spam, and if I see you spam more than once, you will be muted.
If you're going to send me an invite to your draft, please let me know here first. Right now, I can't promise I will be able to help (what with a lack of any creative drive whatsoever)

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